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Purpose-Based Investing for Your Retirement with Steps and Strategies to Help You

This book begins with the idea that when we reach the age of 50, we need to change from a portfolio filled with stocks and growth investment strategies to step-by-step strategies to build out your retirement income. Eastham's book is based on the golden rules of reality-based investing; complete with helpful tips to help you reach your retirement goals.

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Purpose-Based Investing for Your Retirement with Steps and Strategies to Help You

What Michael Teaches


Wisdom is the development of understanding and knowledge. It is wasted if what has been learned and understood is not applied to actions and strategies. I wrote Common-Sense Income Strategies out of a sense of duty to impart my three decades of experience as a CPA/financial advisor to a broad audience. It is written so readers can quickly benefit from seldom discussed strategies and proven common-sense approaches to retirement investing.

You will be taken through many interesting twists and turns both in my personal experience and actual market movements of supposedly “conservative investments”. As you move through the pages and discover the events that bolstered my knowledge, you will be moving along a path to increase your own wisdom. With that enhanced wisdom you will uncover why “common-sense” investments are being ignored as we fact-check Wall Street. You’ll then explore some of your own strengths and how to use them combined with methods to avoid being trapped.

The strategies to maximize your retirement and things for you to do right now will be made crystal clear. Avoiding the temptation to do what has caused so many so much pain in the past will also be easy. With your new found knowledge and wisdom you’ll have a full understanding. You will more comfortably focus only on success toward your goal and sensible strategies to take you safely there.

Sample Pages

  • Page 4. Need for paradigm shift in the “Retirement Red Zone”
  • Page 18. The Conflict of interest that exists between CEO’s and customers
  • Page 35. Averages only reveal part of the story and the whole truth can dramatically change the picture and your investment strategy
  • Page 78. What would you do? Performance vs. Purpose based investing
  • Page 141. What to consider in the strategy shift. It’s more than just income


If you are in Retirement, or 7 to 10 years from retirement… you can’t wait for others to sort it all out for you.


The Author

Michael Eastham

Michael Eastham is the founder and President of Fellowship Financial Group, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mr. Eastham has been involved in financial services for over twenty-five years. He is an active member of the AICPA and has earned their Personal Financial Specialist(PFS) designation. He has a BBA in Accounting from, James Madison University, and holds a Series 65 and 63 securities licenses, as well as licenses in Insurance and Annuities.

Mr. Eastham has served on several Non-Profit Boards and is actively involved in the business community. He teaches Adult Education courses and Continuing Education for CPAs, Financial Planners, Attorneys and other professionals. Mr. Eastham is a published author and is a recognized expert in the areas of financial strategies, financial and retirement planning and asset protection. He is a contributor to Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

His companies have grown out of a passion for excellence, coupled with a desire to serve families and business owners in accomplishing their financial goals, using conservative investment strategies. Michael and his wife Vickie, have four children and reside in Lake Mary, Florida.